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What is the point to blog comments now that we have the NoFollow tag?

by glen@glenkowalski.com
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If you have been around the Internet Marketing or SEO world at all lately, you have no doubt heard of the nofollow link tag.  And you probably also know it affects page ranking or “Link Juice”.
You may also be very confused.
Don't worry; it’s not your fault.  There is so much differing information about the tag, it is almost impossible to know the right answer.
The NoFollow attribute on links was added to reduce comment spam.  The theory was, that if you didn't have any faith in where your site was linked to (like in the case of un-moderated comments) – by adding the nofollow tag, Google would not give any of your link juice to those sites.  And you would not reduce your rank.
The problem is, that even if you post valuable content, you still don't get any direct SEO value from making those posts.  Even if its not spam.
So, you might be asking “What is the point to spending time making blog comments then?”
And, you would be right to ask it.  While in the past, a good portion of your time might be spent adding comments to other blogs, you might want to rethink that strategy.
Previously, if you added good value through your comments, you were rewarded.  This reward was in the form of a back link to your site.  A back link that could give you higher rankings.
The nofollow tag has eliminated that benefit.
But, there are still some advantages to writing comments in other people’s blogs.  The first is obvious.  You are getting links that people reading your comments may click on to come and visit your site.
So, these comments are still a traffic source.
More importantly however, is you are building recognition in your niche.  By posting good valuable content in other blogs, you are eventually going to become known as the go to expert.  This will entice more people to visit your site.
It also increases your opportunity to become known as a “Top Contributor” which often gives you links without the nofollow tag.
When you start making quality comments on other blogs, you are building credibility.  This gives you great power within your industry to steer reader’s opinions and buying choices.
You are piggy backing your own success on the success of other blogs.  You are helping them out with quality content, but you are getting benefits as well.
But, it does take a change in strategy.
Since the nofollow tag no longer works to give you valuable back links, to have to do things a little differently.  You can no longer float around the web, making useless comments in every blog you find.
It is a good idea for you to start focusing on a few top quality blogs in your niche.  Start engaging in the conversation and adding valuable comments.
Eventually you will become known as the expert.  This will drive quality, pre-qualified traffic back to your site or blog.
Like everything else in the online world, link and traffic building strategies are always changing.  By focusing on the value you give to your potential clients, instead of tricks, you will always be ahead of the curve.

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