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SJWs Use “Private Business” Argument to Demolish Freedom of Speech

by glen@glenkowalski.com
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What’s the difference between a Christian Baker and a Big Tech corporate behemoth?

Well, according to some douche bags globalist, Social Justice warriors on the left, one needs to do bow down and accept their agenda, even if bowing down means going against their deepest beliefs.

While the other can collude with other giants to censor whoever they want because they are private companies, and you know that thing… The free market.

But, as usual these fucking morons are completely ass backwards. And this has nothing to do with free markets.

And today, I’m going to prove it and give you talking point you can use to stick it to your woke friends.

Not that they’ll listen anyway.

The globalist, social justice warrior left, progressive, liberal, whatever they want to call themselves this week have to be the most hypocritical bunch of assholes to ever infect freedom loving societies since freedom actually became a thing.

Do you remember Jack Phillips, the Christian baker in Colorado who didn’t want to bake a cake for the gay couple?

The left were absolutely up in arms trying to compare him to doctors who wouldn’t help someone they disagreed with who had been in a car accident.

They said the free market was allowing for discrimination by allowing him not to serve this poor couple who obviously had hundreds of other bakers they could choose from.

Even though Mr. Phillips said, “he doesn’t “discriminate” against anybody and that he simply doesn't want to bake cakes “for every message” — saying that he would also refuse to create a dessert that insulted the LGBTQ community.”

But that didn’t stop the SJWs from demonizing him, right along with the free market.

But now, that same group of hypocrites defends the free market saying if Facebook and Twitter want to censor one side of the news, they have every right too.

And how dare those of us who care about freedom of speech encroach on someone’s private business telling them what they can or cannot say on the private platforms that they allow us to use for free.

According to the New York Post, “AT&T can’t refuse to open a phone account for you or limit your conversations based on your worldview. Likewise, Southwest Airlines can’t pick and choose who rides its aircraft based on their opinions about transgenderism or #Russiagate. Yet the tech giants get to do exactly that. Why?”

Well, because Big Tech Censorship Is One Sided, and their woke asses would fight to the death to support their there woke comrads using any excuse available.

I probably don’t need to remind you, that big tech, mainstream media, and the globalist elite are all pushing a single leftist agenda that’s so obvious you can spot it a mile away.

And while at first the left will lie about expert opinion being censored, when you provide proof, they switch tactics to justifying it instead.

Like when Simon Goddek, who has a PhD in biotechnology and researches system dynamics, tweeted a link to a scientific study titled…

Hahaha. Oops, you got me. I can’t name it here.

But anyway, when he was censored for mentioning that peer reviewed study, Big Tech apologists asked, why can’t a private company censor whoever they want. Do you want government saying what private companies can or cannot do?

Senator Josh Hawley, author of the book The Yranny of Big Tech calls big tech the greathest threat to American Liberty.

While he says America, he really means western civilization in general.

But Canada, Australia, and the UK are already further down that tyrannical path.

Anyway, He says, ““These are folks that want to try to impose their agenda – and it is a leftist, woke agenda – on the country,”

“ Big Tech “wants to tell people what you can post, wants to control the news, control what people read and what journalism looks like.””

But Big Tech as an industry is far from being a real free market, and acts more like a cabal because they are so highly concentrated.

According to Justice Clarence Thomas, “One person controls Facebook . . . and just two control Google”


He compares these big tech giants more to public utilities than private companies, saying that, “When a user does not already know exactly where to find something on the Internet—and users rarely do— Google is the gatekeeper between that user and the speech of others 90% of the time.”

He goes on to say that this is a problem because “It can suppress content by deindexing or downlisting a search result or by steering users away from certain content by manually altering autocomplete results.”

While I don’t necessarily agree with Justice Thomas’s opinion that the Supreme court was going to have to put an end to Big Tech Tyranny, I agree it must be ended or it could mean the end of free speech in the 21st century.
And I also agree the tech industry more closely resembles a cartel because the tight knit power structure creates such a high barrier to entry for new companies.

Big Tech apologists love to spit platitudes like, “If you don’t like it, why not start your own.”

But as the collusion to take down Twitter alternative Parler proved…

It’ more like a small time drug dealer trying to fight the cartels and make a name for himself in Tijuana Mexico, than anything resembling free market entrepreneurship.

When the free market pushed Parler to number 1 on Apple’s App Store, the cartels rallied the troops and banned them on both Apple and Google, the two companies that own a lions share of the phone market.

But it didn’t stop there. The Godfathers at Amazon joined in, banning the use of their servers, shutting down parler immediately, and forcing them to find a new host.

And according to Parler CEO Mark Matze in a Fox News Interview, “it’s not just Amazon and Apple: “Every vendor from text-message services to e-mail providers to our lawyers all ditched us too on the same day.”” (https://nypost.com/2021/01/10/big-techs-assault-on-parler-proves-its-gone-full-cartel/)

This is similar to when Twitter stepped in to protect CNN from James O’keefe at Project Veratas.

The cabal all sticks together.

So what can be done about it?

Clearly we can’t rely on the Biden Administration.

After all, like a Daily Caller tally said, 14 of his pics for the transition team are big tech alumni.

And according to the New York Post, “Biden probably owes his presidency in part to Big Tech — which rushed to censor this newspaper’s reporting on the Hunter Files, on the patently false pretext that The Post had peddled “disinformation” or “hacked material.””

And besides, the government is never going to be the answer.

Monopolies and Cartels are creations of the government, not the markets.

For example, Dr. Ron Paul, reporting in Mises.Org said, “ the reason the media is dominated by a few large companies is that no one can operate a television or radio station unless they obtain federal approval and pay federal licensing fees. Similarly, anyone wishing to operate a cable company must not only comply with federal regulations, they must sign a “franchise” agreement with their local government.”

For a monopoly to exist, the government has to tilt the playing field towards what Dr. Paul calls well-connected crony capitalists.

So, our only solution, is for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who cares about freedom of speech and association, to reject regulations, taxes, and subsidies that are enjoyed by the politically connected businesses like Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

We have to stop being quiet, because the globalists are not only obnoxious loud mouths… The are actively working to silence the decent.

So we have to be louder. We need to prove over and over to our friends who are still on the fence.

We need to use every tool at our disposal, including the court system like Candace Owens and James O’Keefe.

But more importantly we need to use our voices, and vote with our feet.

That will allow the free market to eventually build platforms the support freedom of speech and where like-minded individuals can gather together at last.

And the tech oligarchs can either disappear into the woodwork, or at worst just become gathering grounds for the woke statists cults to bitch and whine among themselves about all the free thinkers enjoying life…

And without getting in the way of those who are trying to improve our lives and the world with real freedom and liberty.

Several decentralized platforms are slowly arriving on the scene like LBRY, Flote, Parler and others.

More and more independent media outlets like Rebel News, OAN, We are Change, Press for Truth, and of course Renegade News, are pushing to get important information distributed as widely as we can.

And while we fight an uphill battle against the globalist favored and funded crony capitalists, if all of us become evangelists for platforms, media, and freedom and liberty, while we continue to push back against higher tax, more regulations, and other big tech power grabs…

We can get back our freedom of speech. Even if you think you have nothing to say.

Because remember, peaceful resistance is not futile.

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