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Canada Elections Suspended Indefinitely: Is Democracy Dead Forever?

by glen@glenkowalski.com
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It is with a very heavy heart that I am talking to you today.

Something very important to many of you has died.

If you’re a Canadian, still living in Canada, my  condolences. If you’re an American, this is how it happens.

Slowly at first. And then all at once.

But the pandemic has claimed another life.

And this was one that millions of people loved. And many would have died for.

Yes,, mark your calendars. On May 25th, 2021 democracy officially died in Canada.

Because that’s the day the entire Canadian government voted to “suspend” elections until the end of the Pandemic.

So apparently, Florida can stay completely open, and the Indinapolosis 500 can have the biggest crowd in history with 135000 people in attendance.

And not have an negative consequences

But voting for the next person and party to lord over your life, like the Canadian government does, is simply too dangerous.

And will result in killing you all.

According to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, “holding a federal election would come at the cost of Canadians”

But apparently, a few more years of Justin Trudeau selling out Canada to China, and following the North Korea playbook, is perfectly safe.

Of course, this isn’t the first time democracy in Canada has been declared dead.

In 2019, when the young drama teacher cancelled Munk Debate, TV commentator Rudyard Griffiths called it part of the Trudeau governments “Orwellian” assault on Democracy and freedom of speech.

He said, “The cancellation of the Munk Debate on foreign policy due to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to participate denies voters the only real opportunity they had this election to see his foreign policy record challenged in a substantive and sustained fashion.”

According to the Cultural Party of Canada, “The iron-clad rule of PM Trudeau has been a ubiquitous threat to democracy and freedom of speech in Canada. “Just don’t tell anyone,” Trudeau commie advisor Gerald Butts instructs Liberal politicians and media party.

The also said, “it is more than obvious Justin Trudeau admires communism more than democracy. 

The next time Trudeau’s liberals were accused of suspending democracy was in 2020 when Trudeau cancelled the sitting parliament, pausing investigation into his WE scandal.

Again he cited scary covid 19 as the reason.

A move the sycophant media tried to cover up, and soften using Orwellian Wordspeak.

This time, the Cultural party of Canada said, PM Trudeau has leveraged China’s Covid-19 dissemination in order to block all opposition to his agenda. Can the WE Charity investigation occur when the doors of Parliament are shut? NO, it cannot–it is hereby cancelled. This takes both mother Margaret Trudeau, and communist brother Alexandre Trudeau “off the hook.”

But two things could make this the final nail in the coffin.

First, the entire Canadian federal government decided this trampling of your rights was the right thing to do.

According to Global News, “There were 327 MPs from all parties voting in favour of the motion, which says it is the government’s responsibility to do everything possible to avoid calling voters to the polls before the end of the pandemic.

Ontario Independent MP Derek Sloan was the only one who voted against it.

That means 327 people out of 328 people in the federal government voted to get rid of your few remaining freedoms in your right to vote.

These are opposing parties, who pretend to disagree…

But yet, once again, they are Agreeing to take away your right to choose your elected officials.

On a positive note, all you fuckers on my timeline telling me that “If you don’t like it, vote them out.”

This proves you’re full of shit and that is no longer an option.

And the next reason this is the final nail?

 Because this suspension might never end.

Technically, this supposed suspension only lasts until the end of the pandemic.

But when is that?

I mean Canadian’s are talking about Covid 0.

In other words when there are no more cases of covid left.

ZeroCovidCandada.org describes itself as “a national group of researchers, physicians, engineers, activists, lawyers, educators, and concerned citizens who are calling on Canada’s leaders to adopt a Zero Covid strategy.”

In other words, they believe Canada should get even more draconian in its rules until there are no Covid cases left.

Of course this is a branch of an organation started by Bar-Yam, a “pandemic expert” and head of endcoronavirus.org.

He also recommended, “that the community engage the disease in the streets by identifying anyone with symptoms, isolating them and employing contact tracing to find anyone they’d recently been around.”

So, in other words, this asshole believes police should be grabbing anyone who coughs or blows his nose or pretty much anything else, along with anyone they’ve associated with, and tossing them into detention centers.

I shouldn’t have to explain this, but the thousands of signatures on a petition pushing for covid zero tells me I have to remind you again…

Covid is not going to just vanish.

Remember back 14 months ago when it was 2-Weeks to flatten the curve?

Remember we were told that if everyone wears a mask we’ll be out of this before we know it.

Remember when we were told it was only until we had a vaccine, then when everyone was fully vaccinated with 2 vaccines, and then when we all took the boosters.

What makes you think covid is going to vanish?

Even if you support your neighbors getting rounded up and thrown in prison camps for getting the sniffiles.

Covid is not going away, any more than the flu has gone away.

But your right to vote has. And if they keep the pandemic going just a little longer, so will the will of Canadians to actually do anything about it.

Take a look at the freedoms you’ve lost already. And yet there are still plenty of Canadians asking for stricter lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, and more.

How long do you think Canada will have to suspend elections, till everyone forgets they ever had the right to vote?

Fortunately, there are still places in the world where you haven’t lost all of your freedoms. But they are getting more difficult to find and get into.

So, now is the time to start making plans.

Even if its just in case the worst really does happen.

It never hurts to nave a Plan-B.

Think of it as insurance.

Because if you have one, what any one countries government, economy, or health mististry does won’t have to matter to you.

You’ll have a choice.

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